sporting injuriesSporting injuries are very common and we see a lot of these in our work at the York Clinic. Professional sports people do get injured, but they tend be more protected because of the fitness and training that is such a big part of what they do. The sports injuries we treat tend to occur because people have not prepared their bodies for the stress that they subject it to.

If you’re going to run in a half marathon, for example, and you don’t prepare for it, there’s a huge chance of something going wrong. It’s the same with people who are not very physically active suddenly taking on a lot of physical work.

Our approach to sporting injuries is always individual, but having said this, there is one important formula which I always advise as soon as symptoms occur. This is commonly referred to as PRICE – protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. It may well be the case that the injury is relatively serious – a broken bone for example – in which case the person should go straight to A &E. In other instances, injuries of the shoulder, knee, ankle, shoulder or hip can be treated with our combination of acupuncture and osteopathy.

Our treatments are all about the relief of pain, controlling inflammation and speeding up the repair of damaged tissue. Where swelling and pain don’t allow manipulation, we use acupuncture to stimulate nerves in tissues, bring down inflammation and improve mobility.

Our osteopathic treatments are about kneading the injured area, varying the pressure on particular trigger points, after which we move onto the joints themselves. Sometimes, when we are carrying out more manipulative movements, joints can make a popping sound as they move over each other. Although you may not think it, this is painless and quite normal.

Many injuries will heal over time, when they are left alone, but our services work very well in speeding up the healing processes. If you’d like to know more about sports injury therapy or to talk about an injury you may have sustained, please call us at The York Clinic or The Camden Practice in North London.