Contracture of Duputyrens

Why Won't My Finger Straighten ? Duputyrens Contracture is often called the Viking disease as its very much related to North European heritage. Perhaps the incessant rowing over the hazardous North Sea and then clutching those heavy swords which they used with such...

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Sitting Comfortably

In the last blog I went through the cons of sitting too long and on the whole it didn't make comfortable reading. So much so that in the last week I am sure many of you have resorted to become like horses in a state of perpetual standing and only when exhaustion takes...

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Sacroiliac joint the Video

https://youtu.be/2HEU013VexE Here is a short video where I show you where the SacroIliac joint is , what can go wrong and how it can be treated.

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How to Help The Sacroiliac Joint.

The Sacroiliac Joint The SacroIliac joint is the joint that attaches the spine via the Sacrum to the pelvis. It is a joint with cartilage much in the same way as the hip or knee. This joint also demonstrates movement in all directions, and the Sacroiliac joint and its...

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Painful Foot can Osteopathy help?

If we have a painful foot the question has to be asked whether osteopathy can help. With a painful foot we are unable to walk properly and in many cases because our walking is affected via limping and altered gait, it then throws pressure on other parts of our body eg...

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Falls are very prevalent in the elderly and are a significant cause of both fractures and increased death rate, so this urgently needs attention.As people get older, they may not require the sometimes more vigorous techniques in Osteopathic treatment, but this does...

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Diziness and vertigo

Dizziness and vertigo are quite complex manifestations of a variety of possible conditions. I will try and explain in this blog the essential guide to what helps us maintain our balance: Essentially, there are three sources of sensory information that feed our brains....

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Osteopath, Chiropractor – what is the difference?

Osteopath chiropractor - what is the difference between these systems or approaches? I often get asked this question, and its always difficult to give a clear, and seemingly unbiased answer. The first thing to state is that there are more similarities than...

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Can your back or shoulder pain really be caused by ill health?

Could my back or shoulder pain really be linked to a medical condition? This is a question that I am often asked – the extent to which physical pain can be a manifestation of a medical condition. The answer is that they can, although the overwhelming majority of back...

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