"As an international consultant I have to be in a tip-top condition all the time to give my best to clients, workshop participants, colleagues and suppliers. To give the best, I have to feel great. Laurens fixes backs, necks, arms, shoulders, knees, ankles etc. I default to him for any joint or muscle pain. He accurately diagnoses cause, works on repair and leaves you to do the exercises and activities to complete the job - with an accurate prognosis for healing time. So I feel great - and no tear or minor sports injury stops me from being at the top of my game. And in my spare time? I'm a field archaeologist. Laurens' healing keeps my back supple so I can play my full part digging and trowelling with the team."

Roger Mayo – Director, MT&D Learning Solutions

"Laurens Holve is an exceptional health practitioner. Trained and skilled in multi disciplines I am pleased to have had the privilege of working with him throughout my twenty six year career. His knowledge is matched only by his instinct with regard to the structural medicine offered by osteopathy. His experience as an acupuncturist has him, in my opinion, as a leader in a field of invaluable therapeutic benefit. By being able to combine this with osteopathy and his training in traditional Chinese medicine he leaves me with no hesitation in supporting his work through this testimonial. He is a wonderful colleague, friend and human being to whom I have turned both personally and, on behalf of my patients, professionally for both physical ailments and psychological support."

Dr R. Sharma MB, BCh, BAO, LRCP&S(Ire,) MFHom

"I have been going to see Mr Holve for over 15 years. Whether a serious injury from playing Rugby or a long term back problem from my Cricket, Mr Holve has never failed to either help me heal quickly or cured the condition with minimum fuss. I would never go anywhere else."

Councillor Simon Marcus, and Ex- Captain of Hampstead Heathens

"If you have a bad back, a bad neck, a bad leg, or a bad anything else, Laurens Holve is your man. Some osteopaths are osteopaths. Laurens Holve is a magician."

Waldemar Januszczak - The Sunday Times Art Critic and film maker of television arts documentaries

"As a fellow acupuncturist, I have been visiting Laurens for many years when I have needed treatment for various ailments. I can thoroughly recommend his professional approach to treatment & admire his dedication to updating his skills through attending relevant courses. Being an acupuncturist myself, I am very careful about who I will let treat me. The fact that I have been Lauren’s patient for many years should speak volumes itself."

Beth Ingham, Acupuncturist/Chinese Herbal Medicine

"Whenever sciatica, tennis elbow, shoulder and lower back pain have bedevilled me my first port of call has always been Laurens Holve. His unique blend of insightful knowledge, gentle humour and well-aimed therapy have quite literally kept me going for years."

Jeremy Taylor – Science Writer

"I have known Laurens for thirty years and he is the only person whom I would completely trust with my back and neck problems. Not only is he an excellent, first-rate osteopath, but he also gives great advice on aftercare and maintaining good back health. I have seen a few back doctors in my time, but Laurens is unequivocally the best. I never hesitate in recommending him to all my friends who have back problems. I just hope he doesn’t decide to retire early!"

Michelle Doughty – PR executive and writer, London, UK

"We have been treated by Laurens on a number of occasions for shoulder and lower back problems. Each time, after one or two short treatments, the pain and restricted movement has been resolved. The last episode involved a slipped disc and muscle spasm that meant I could not get up or walk easily. Both manipulation and acupuncture helped and within 2 days I was able to move properly. We would unreservedly recommend Laurens and have already done so as he is very gentle, clear in what the problem is and how he is going to resolve it, personable and an excellent osteopath."

Dr Mark Zuckerman – Hospital Consultant , Dr Tanya Levine – Consultant Pathologist

"I was under the care of the National Neurological Hospital in central London after losing muscle and strength in my left arm. An MRI revealed protruding discs causing pressure on the spinal cord such that there was loss of muscle/ function and I was due for major surgery through my neck thats associated with a 15% chance of incurring serious complications. Luckily for me, I was introduced to Laurens Holve at his practice in Oakeshott Avenue, Highgate, Laurens performed his initial assessment, taking the more comprehensive perspective that regarded my problem as part of me as a person and not just based on an MRI scan, and after a handful of treatments I regained approximately 50% of power in my arm and thus averted major surgery. I am endebted and totally endeared by Laurens and cannot thank him enough."

Dr T Nicholaou BSc MRCP MD [Res], Consultant Medical Oncologist

"To have confidence in a practitioner is fundamentally important to me. I have been treated by Laurens Holve for over 20 years. He is quite simply my first port of call. Always treating whatever problem with great expertise, honesty and constant common sense; with humour never far away."

Barbara Flynn – Actress

"As a runner I have consulted Laurens Holve on a number of injuries I have sustained. Always knowledgeable and clear in his diagnosis. He has used both Osteopathic and Acupuncture treatments, which I have found highly effective. I would strongly recommend Laurens Holve to everyone."

Steve Richards – Political columnist for the Independent and BBC presenter

Acupuncture for gynaecological conditions

Many women have problems with their hormones and their cycles, leading to symptoms which can be distressing. Acupuncture can help for these problems help to establish a more balanced hormonal balance, and helping blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.

Acupuncture is effectively used to treat many kinds of gynaecological problems. The main ones being:

  • PMT (Premenstrual tension):
    Most women of reproductive age experience at least mild premenstrual symptoms at some time in their lives. Around 2–10% of women have premenstrual symptoms that severely disrupt daily living which is termed premenstrual tension. These symptoms usually abate by the end of the menstrual cycle
    Diagnosis of PMS is based on the presence of at least five symptoms, including one of four core psychological symptoms, from a list of 17 physical and psychological symptoms. The 17 symptoms are depression, feeling hopeless or guilty, anxiety/tension, mood swings, irritability/persistent anger, decreased interest, poor concentration, fatigue, food craving or increased appetite, sleep disturbance, feeling out of control or overwhelmed, poor coordination, headache, aches, swelling/bloating/weight gain, cramps, and breast tenderness.
    The cause of PMT is unknown but changes in neurotransmitter balances in the brain such as serotonin and endorphin levels may well contribute to this condition.
    Acupuncture is known to help these types of conditions, and can be effectively used to treat this condition
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS):
    A condition characterized by multiple abnormal cysts in the ovaries. It can cause absent or irregular periods and infertility. Acupuncture can help regulate periods and in many cases, lead to a more normalized menstrual cycle.
  • Endometriosis:
    A gynaecological condition in which patches of endometrial tissue, which normally found only in the uterine lining (endometrium) grow outside the uterus. The misplaced endometrial tissue can adhere to the ovaries, bowels, bladder, vagina, and appendix and in rare cases, endometrial tissue can migrate into the lungs. The endometrial tissue responds to hormonal changes, and will bleed during the menstrual period. They form what are called chocolate cysts, and can cause localized inflammation, which in turn causes pain and discomfort. and the formation of adhesions and scar tissue or cysts. Endometriosis can be asymptomatic but in many instances can be associated with pelvic pain , painful, heavy periods, painful intercourse, and even bowel symptoms if there are bowel adhesions.
    Acupuncture can significantly reduce endometriosis symptoms and support fertility where the endometriosis is not impairing the physical anatomy of the womb.
  • Infertility:
    Acupuncture and fertility issues
    More and more men as well as women are experiencing fertility issues. In some cases, there is a very definite Western diagnosis, but most have what is called unexplained infertility.
    However, a lot of couples are given the distressing diagnosis of “unexplained fertility”. Stress can be a bit factor as this can inhibit the production of some hormones, and indeed in acute stress stop periods altogether. This can be helped with Acupuncture.
    Acupuncture can also be used alongside such treatments as IVF to help promote conceptions as there is evidence to suggest that Acupuncture helps stimulate uttering blood flow.
  • Vasomotor Symptoms:
    Hot flushes and Post-menopausal symptoms. Menopause occurs naturally at an average age of 50 and involves the natural cessation of menstruation. Menopausal women may feel warm or hot and may perspire, sometimes profusely and experience hot flushes.
    Symptoms including fatigue, irritability, insomnia, inability to concentrate, depression, memory loss, depression and anxiety.
    Acupuncture is well placed to help alleviate these troubling symptoms

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