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Osteoarthritis sometimes called wear and tear, is when discs thin down over time and eventually bony changes occur, leading to a destruction of articular cartilage as in this diagram.

The weight bearing joints of the body including the hip, knee, lower back and base of neck are most commonly affected by osteoarthritis.

  • Its incidence is 24 in 1000
  • It increases with age
  • Women tend to be more affected than men
  • It may be familial linked.

Early on there is inflammation, to the synovium and joint capsule the delicate lining that surrounds the joint. This leads to pain and joint stiffness. However, within the osteoarthritic picture some patients experience a lot more pain/ stiffness than other for reasons that are ill understood.

The debilitating and painful condition of osteoarthritis can be helped significantly with both manipulative treatment and Acupuncture.

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